Glowy Spring Makeup

Spring is officially here and, as the weather finally starts to take a turn for the better (fingers crossed), I’m getting a little more experimental with my makeup. When it comes to products, I’m a lover of matte anything; eyes, lips, face, it’s almost always a matte product but, after picking up the L’Oreal Cushion Foundation a couple of months ago I’ve been trying out a more glowy looks, perfect for the spring.
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Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash | Review

I love micellar water, in particular, I love Garnier Micellar water.Β Ever since it hit the shelves, I haven’t used anything else to remove my makeup, except for on those lazy nights where you just can’t keep your eyes open, and even then I use micellar water after a face wipe to remove any left over traces of the days war paint.
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My every day makeup picks

It wasn’t until I started planning this post that I realised just how many different products I use on my face, pretty much every day. It’s actually made me feel pretty guilty so I think I’ll be upping my skincare routine to compensate!

When it comes to my every day makeup, I’m a creature of habit. I stick to similar products, in similar shades and finishes and do my makeup in the same kind of style every day. I’m a little bit boring, but, it works for me so I thought I’d talk you through my current makeup favourites!
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My Favourite Red Lipsticks

“She likes red lipstick, fish and chips, orange juice and trips to the seaside” – Skint & Demoralised, Red Lipstick
I used to hate lipstick with a passion. The feeling of anything on my lips would drive me insane. I couldn’t be further from that these days, there’s barely a day when my lips are bare, and if I’m feeling crap, red lipstick is my life line.

Need to distract from tired eyes? Red lipstick. Want the perfect accompaniment to a slick of black liner? Red lipstick. Running late but want to appear ‘put together’? Red lipstick. Feeling shitty? You guessed it.
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