Uncommon Good products - top 20 picks

Uncommon Goods – My top 20 picks

Like many people my age, money burns a hole in my pocket. Within minutes of being paid, my inbox is usually filling up with order confirmation emails for things I definitely don’t need. I love shopping, love it, but also like many people my age, I have no patience for my fellow shoppers.


When I hit the high street I seem to spend the majority of my shopping trips stuck behind  people that don’t know where they’re going, tripping over slow folk that literally have all day to faff, or, stood in endless queues caused by people arguing over pennies. My tolerance levels for people in general is already pretty low, but in shopping centres, it’s almost non-existant.

I’m an online shopper through and through.  I love being able to search for the exact item that I’m looking for. I want to refine products by style, colour and price, and to avoid disappointment by browsing items only in my size from the start, instead of falling in love with those River Islands shoes that are only available in a size 2.

What I love most about online shopping is the sheer volume of stock that you can find all in one place without having to scale miles of escalators like you would in a department store. I love Selfridges but I’m the most forgetful person you’ll meet… I’ll remember whilst I’m drooling over Mulberry on floor 4 that I needed to grab a gift from the food hall… 3 levels down….

I’ve recently come across Uncommon Goods, a totally unique way to shop online. Inspired by it’s founders trip to a Washington museum, Uncommon Goods is an online marketplace, connecting creators with shoppers looking for unique and special finds. Stocking everything from candles and cushions to door mats and decorative bits, there really is something for everyone, and the best bit… they support non-profit organisations by letting you choose who $1 from every order goes to! As someone who works in the charity sector, I’m sold.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Uncommon Goods on this post so I thought I’d share with you my top 20 picks from their jam packed website! You can find everything from jewellery to garden decor and you’re guaranteed to come across something gorgeous, no matter what your budget!

Uncommon Good products - top 20 picksMakeup travel case, Settle down cushion, Gin and tonic tumblers, Cactus trinket pots, Flower garden ornament, Aqua marine branch ring, Wooden duck, Heart beat necklace, Jewellery tree, Sail boat tea light holder, Llama mug, Jewellery wrap, Pineapple drinks dispenser, Diana camera, Gold vermeil and cubic zirconia earrings, Palm print throw, Space bath bombs, With You print, Succulents in vases, Floral magic print.

The mix of products available from Uncommon Goods is insane! It’s definitely a place to bare in mind when looking for the perfect present for the person that has just about everything.

Since buying my first house earlier this year I’ve been obsessed with finding unique bits and pieces to fill it with. I love finding practical things that look just that little bit different so those Gin and Tonic tumblers are first on my hit list!

Have you ever purchased anything from Uncommon Goods? I’d love to see your finds! Or, if you’ve been inspired to go and have a snoop, let me know what you come across, I might have missed it!



*This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods

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