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Gousto Food Box Review

A few weeks ago I got involved with a blogger collaboration with Gousto, via Amy from Impish or Admirable. If you’ve never heard of the brand, Gousto delivers fresh food boxes bursting with all of the ingredients that you need to cook beautiful dishes, straight to your door.

After signing up, I was able to select 2 recipe boxes* which equates to four meals, each for two people.

When picking your recipes, you can choose from a vast range of meals including quick and easy dishes, vegetarian meals and the most popular recipes. There are things to suit all tastes and Gousto let you know the cooking and prep time, type of cuisine and how long your ingredients will last for. You can choose your delivery date which includes Saturdays and Sundays meaning you can schedule your box to arrive on a day when you’re at home, but, don’t worry if you miss the delivery, all boxes are packed with ice packs to keep your food fresh for longer!

Chicken curry ingredients

Upon delivery, you get a box packed full of all of the fresh ingredients that you need to create your dishes including, meats, vegetables, herbs and spices and your very own Gousto wooden spoon which was a fab surprise gift.

I love to cook but if you’re not usually very adventurous with your meal choices, this is a great way to spice up your dinner times. All of the recipe cards include a list of all of the ingredients needed and the cooking method so if you love the end product, you can recreate it time and time again!

Chicken, Lemongrass and Red Pepper curry

Lemongrass is one of my all time favourite flavours so I jumped at the opportunity to give this curry ago.  I was a little sceptical about the chicken thigh meat as I’d never eaten it before and was expecting it to be a bit of a faff having to remove bones, however, the chicken came filleted which was perfect and dare I say, I think I’m a convert!

The step by step instructions were super simple to follow and the pre-measured ingredients make following them so easy. Each step of the recipe prewarns you of anything that needs to be done in advance so there’s no panicking about food burning while you’re chopping your veggies or leaving things in the oven too long which you wait for a kettle of water to boil.

Gousto chicken lemongrass red pepper curry

From start to finish, this curry took around 30-35 minutes to complete, this included pre-heating the oven and chopping the vegetables, garlic and lemongrass. I must admit, when I first looked at ingredients, I wasn’t convinced that it would feed both myself and Jamie but the portion size was perfect!

I must admit, when I first looked at ingredients, I wasn’t convinced that it would feed both myself and Jamie but the portion size was perfect! The chicken was gorgeous, the meat has so much more flavour than chicken breast and it worked really well with the herbs and spices. The red peppers and fried onions provided a sweetness that complemented the citrusy lemongrass and the sticky white rice was the perfect accompaniment. I can’t wait to scale up the ingredients and make a bigger batch of this for our families.

Gousto - Chicken, lemongrass, red pepper curry

Crispy Mushroom Dal and Coriander Chutney

Next up we tried the crispy mushroom dal with coriander chutney, something totally different to what we would usually eat. Neither of us are vegetarian but we do eat a lot of  meat free meals so this sounds something tasty and new to try.

I was worried about this meal being filling as there’s no rice or side dishes to accompany it but the mixture of different lentils give this dish plenty of substance!


As with the first recipe, this was super easy to follow and took just 25 minutes to prepare and cook, a quick and tasty dinner, perfect for after work. Although we eat mushrooms a fair bit, we’re never used them in any curry or Indian dishes so it was a really unusual way to eat food that’s always in our fridge!

Although I was originally worried about how filling this dish would be, the lentils were a welcome change to rice, which we eat with almost every meal (thank you, Uncle Ben) and although there weren’t many ingredients, this dish was flavoursome and comforting. I could imagine eating this in the colder months and would even consider adding some other types of mushrooms or possible some chicken to change it up a little.

The only issue I had with this dish was that I didn’t read the instructions properly… We needed a pestle and mortar to crush the garlic, coriander and ginger in order to make the chutney. There’s no way that you can grind those ingredients into a paste using the back of a spoon but our super chunky chutney was delicious none-the-less and was the perfect spicy accompaniment.

Crispy mushroom dal

We have another Gousto box on the way and are again trying one meat and one veggie dish. After this experience I’m really excited for our next box to arrive, it’s such an easy and inexpensive way to try out new foods without having to buy a cupboard full of ingredients that you may never use again!

With Gousto, their flexible service means that you can have weekly deliveries of new recipes to try or, you can pause your subscription at any time and reserve your orders for special occasions only. If you’ve having people round for dinner, you can order enough ingredients to cook for 4 people so you’ll be able to blow your guests away wit your culinary skills!

Our box was priced at £20 for 2, two person meals with delivery costing around £7, a price that I personally am happy to pay to try exciting new dishes every so often.

Have you used Gousto before? I’d love to hear about your experience!


* I received my Gousto box to review however was under no obligation to write a post. All opinions are my own.

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