Remember that Greenday song, ‘Wake me up When September Ends‘… well I forgot to set the alarm.

I cannot believe that September is over. And not just over, we’re half way through October… I literally have no clue where 2016 is going.

I’ve been MIA recently, there’s been so much going on and I’ve been lacking both confidence and motivation.

I blog for a living, not the glamorous kind unfortunately, but blogging non-the-less. Writing for four different education websites everyday about ‘The Benefits of Distance Learning’ and ‘Why you Should be an Accountant’ can be a bit draining on the old creative juices.Β Don’t get me wrong, I loveΒ my job and I’m so grateful that I spend 8.5 hours a day surrounded by incredible digital marketeers, doing what I love.

As for my chaotic life… I’ve had a ‘blink and you miss it’ couple of months. Since the end of August I’ve been away twice, started a new job and somehow, accidentally, kinda, sorta brought a house…

I’m well aware that holidays, mortgages and 3 month probationary periods don’t usually go hand in hand (in hand) but I don’t do things by halves. Right now I’m basically walking around, throwing cash at anything and everything but all that I have to show for it is an expanding waistline from all-inclusive buffets and avoidance of the gym and numerous cushions for my not-yet-made sofa for my not-yet-built house. Fab.

I’m broke, I’m bursting out of my jeans, I’m busy as hell at work, and I couldn’t be happier.

So, now that I can’t afford to go out, I don’t really have any excuse not to blog…let’s get this thing back on track.




2 thoughts on “MIA no MORE”

  1. Your job sounds really amazing but I can see why it would kill the creativity too! I’m also broke till I get paid x

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