Be The Girl

We all have those  days when we endlessly scroll Instagram and Pinterest hoping to be inspired but looking for nothing  in particular, right? During one of those scroll-athons I stumbled upon a splodge of hot pink paint with the words ‘BE THE GIRL WHO DECIDED TO GO FOR IT’ stamped over the top. Usually I save things to my camera roll for a day when I want to post on social media but my outfit hasn’t cut the mustard but for some reason, this quote struck a chord. image

My name is Lydia and I’m a 23 year old social media and general internet obsessive with a penchant for anything that I can’t afford.
I’m currently going through some pretty big, pretty scary changes to my life having just landed myself a new job, one which I’ll hopefully end up loving, and my first freelancing work for an online bridal boutique along side it. I’ve had my WordPress account since 2010 and the name ‘lydiaxnicole’ for around a year but never had the confidence to post until I saw that quote on Instagram and thought ‘sod it’ and a few clicks later I had a theme, colour scheme, logo and a notebook bursting with ideas.

I graduated from Southampton Solent University 2 years ago with a degree Fashion Management with Marketing but after working in Visual Merchandising on and off for 5 years I decided that the fashion industry wasn’t for me. My passion lies in digital marketing and in particular in social media but fashion is still a huge passion for me and so having a blog is the ideal platform for me to explore that some more. To talk about trends that I love, designers that I admire and pieces that I aspire to own – and as I mentioned my expensive taste previously, there are a fair few! But I don’t just want to talk about fashion, I love beauty, food, cooking and baking, cocktails, trying out new restaurants and bars, visiting new cities, learning new things (I’ve recently taken up tap dancing) and I’m passionate about talking openly about mental health and the stigma that still seems to surround it.

It’s going to be a bit of a mish mash but I’m excited to give this a go!

So, here it is, my first blog post after 6 years of having an empty WordPress account. Hopefully this will be the first of many.

“Be the girl who decided to go for it”… challenge accepted.


7 thoughts on “Be The Girl”

    1. Hi! Thank you for the follow and congratulations on starting your blogging journey too! Can’t wait to see where it takes you! And btw, I love Perry Platypus!

  1. Hello, just started my own blog! so excited about it! I realy hope for the best because i enjoy it so much and i hope it brings me far! greeting 🙂

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